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Static Line

Power Pack EN 70 / EN 70 LCPower Pack EN 70 / EN 70 LC (3.23;MB)
Power Pack EN 8 / EN 8 LCPower Pack EN 8 / EN 8 LC (1.13;MB)
Power Pack EN CL / EI PRQPower Pack EN CL / EI PRQ (317;KB)
Power Pack EN SL / EN SL LC / EN SL RLC / EN SL SDPower Pack EN SL / EN SL LC / EN SL RLC / EN SL SD (1.52;MB)
Power Pack MultistatPower Pack Multistat (1.55;MB)
Power Pack Multistat PlusPower Pack Multistat Plus (1.35;MB)
Power Pack NF 45 / NF 45 RLCPower Pack NF 45 / NF 45 RLC (1.06;MB)
Segmental Ionizer EI FormSegmental Ionizer EI Form (1.10;MB)
Ionizing bar EI HRNIonizing bar EI HRN (600;KB)
Ionizing bar EI PSIonizing bar EI PS (707;KB)
Ionizing bar EI REIonizing bar EI RE (1.44;MB)
Ionizing bar EI RNIonizing bar EI RN (1.11;MB)
Ionizing bar EI SLIonizing bar EI SL (990;KB)
Ionizing bar EI VCIonizing bar EI VC (283;KB)
Ionizing bar EI VSIonizing bar EI VS (968;KB)
Ionizing bar EI WIonizing bar EI W (530;KB)
One-Point-Ionizer OPIOne-Point-Ionizer OPI (164;KB)

Air Line

Surface cleaning unit Circle Cleaner 01Surface cleaning unit Circle Cleaner 01 (956;KB)
Delta blower DA TRDelta blower DA TR (1.06;MB)
Ring ionizer EI RIFRing ionizer EI RIF (419;KB)
Air ionization blower Ion-Air blower IBAir ionization blower Ion-Air blower IB (1.29;MB)
Air ionization blower Ion-Air miniAir ionization blower Ion-Air mini (765;KB)
Air ionization blower Ion-Air one  IR1Air ionization blower Ion-Air one IR1 (3.01;MB)
Luftschleuse KL GK (Uno)Luftschleuse KL GK (Uno) (941;KB)
Air gate KM GK (Compact)Air gate KM GK (Compact) (577;KB)
Air gate LS GK (Duo)Air gate LS GK (Duo) (4.41;MB)
Air gate LS PLE (Mini)Air gate LS PLE (Mini) (915;KB)
Mini-Jet ionizer MJ IMini-Jet ionizer MJ I (1.24;MB)
Mini-Jet ionizer MJ IIMini-Jet ionizer MJ II (563;KB)
Needle ionizer NINeedle ionizer NI (574;KB)
Ionizing air gun RI LGIonizing air gun RI LG (979;KB)
Ring ionizers RI 20 / RI 32 / RI 65Ring ionizers RI 20 / RI 32 / RI 65 (567;KB)
Statik-Air 08Statik-Air 08 (814;KB)
Statik-Air 09Statik-Air 09 (719;KB)
Surface cleaning unit Surface CleanerSurface cleaning unit Surface Cleaner (3.39;MB)

Charge Line

Charging generators AG SL / AG 25 / AG 30 / AG 35 / AG 60Charging generators AG SL / AG 25 / AG 30 / AG 35 / AG 60 (105;KB)
Charging generator AG 30Charging generator AG 30 (1.21;MB)
Charging generator AG 60Charging generator AG 60 (337;KB)
Charging generators AG / TR / HW 150Charging generators AG / TR / HW 150 (279;KB)
Charging generators AGW / AGW PUR ProfibusCharging generators AGW / AGW PUR Profibus (407;KB)
Charging generators TR 15 / TR 25Charging generators TR 15 / TR 25 (1.42;MB)
Charging generator TR 30 / ALMCharging generator TR 30 / ALM (174;KB)
Charging generator HW 30Charging generator HW 30 (2.05;MB)
Charging bar ALSCharging bar ALS (689;KB)
Charging electrode ALWCharging electrode ALW (427;KB)
Anti-Neck-In-Triode ANTAnti-Neck-In-Triode ANT (128;KB)

Test Line

Checking devices HSM 1 / Multi- / Power- / CombicheckChecking devices HSM 1 / Multi- / Power- / Combicheck (643;KB)
Perforation counterPZ 3Perforation counterPZ 3 (1.44;MB)
electrofieldmeter Static Meter Ielectrofieldmeter Static Meter I (706;KB)
Field intensity meters Static Control / Statometer IIField intensity meters Static Control / Statometer II (838;KB)
Field intensity meter Statometer IIIField intensity meter Statometer III (308;KB)

Ex Line

Potentially explosive areas Ex zonePotentially explosive areas Ex zone (535;KB)

Access Line

Cleaning systems Systèmes de nettoyage RS Cleaning systems Systèmes de nettoyage RS (152;KB)
Safety data sheet cleaning agent SRM 1Safety data sheet cleaning agent SRM 1 (30;KB)
System X-2000System X-2000 (1.05;MB)
Bar holderBar holder (1.98;MB)


Counter electrodesCounter electrodes (285;KB)
Active ionizersActive ionizers (5.11;MB)
Folding machinesFolding machines (762;KB)
Tampon printTampon print (218;KB)
Clean roomClean room (13.12;MB)
Single cable technologySingle cable technology (515;KB)
Analytical weighingAnalytical weighing (353;KB)
IML - In Mould LabellingIML - In Mould Labelling (534;KB)
Electrostatics of freshly injected plastic mouldingsElectrostatics of freshly injected plastic mouldings (2.84;MB)
Hotspots of electrostatics - pharmaHotspots of electrostatics - pharma (359;KB)
Avoiding dangerous sparksAvoiding dangerous sparks (150;KB)
Erfolgreich AufladenErfolgreich Aufladen (142;KB)
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 (263;KB)
ATEX-EXAM 2009ATEX-EXAM 2009 (375;KB)

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